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Easter Bunnies

March 31st 2013

I found a lovely knitted bunny tutorial pinned all over pinterest.The bunny is made from one square of knitting.


So I thought I’d have a go myself for Easter. I made it with some fat wool and big needles so I ended up with this fluffy, chubby bunny. I also decided he could do with a face and used some black embroidery thread and some pink buttons for the inside of the ears.



Also since this is a bunny post I thought I’d add this knitted cutie I made for my niece when she was born almost 2 years ago. I found the pattern on the Rowan Wool website. They have lots of lovely things to make with their wool.



Easter Cakes

March 31st 2013

I love the little fluffy easter chicks you can buy at this time of year. So I had to make some easter cakes. I decided to mix the traditional chocolate nest (chocolate covered cereal, mini eggs and chick) with a vanilla cupcake. So a yummy cupcake with a little nest on top. My friend was over so we made these cakes together and she told me that you can actually melt a bar of dairy milk to cover crispy cakes without having to add any butter or syrup. So we tried it and she was right. It melts perfectly in a glass bowl resting in simmering water, provided you keep an eye on it and keep stirring. A lovely simple way to make some easter treats.


This cake I made a couple of years ago at easter. I made an Easter yellow runny butter icing and found some teeny chocolate chips which made cute little nests for the mini eggs to sit in.


A Beautifully Random Cake

March 23rd 2013

I made this cake for my parent’s birthdays (they are within a week of each other). Its decorated with mascarpone icing. I had some edible glitter, blackberries, raspberries and mini marshmallows for decoration. My 5 year old nephew wanted to help so I gave him the decorations to put on the cake and this is the result. I think it turned out beautifully and his grandparents loved it. :)

Random birthday cake

Random birthday cake

Its a three layered cake with raspberry and blackberry jam between the layers. The recipe  came from one of the free magazines you can pick up from supermarkets although I forget which one. They usually have lovely baking ideas in them.

Simple wedding cards

March 23rd 2013

I’ve been to lots of weddings over the last few years so lots of cards to make. Here are s a few of simple designs I made with my stamps and heart punches.

An acceptance card for a wedding.


These cards were for the happy couple on their big day.


 And finally a card I sent for my friends 1st anniversary. A string of hearts.


Crinkly scissors card

March 17th 2013


I discovered a new craft store near where I work and they sell loads of these scissors with different pattern blades! I couldn’t resist buying myself a pair. I also had an excuse to use them straight away on this card for my sister in law’s birthday.

Red nose day cakes

March 15th 2013

It’s red nose day/comic relief. We are having a cake sale at work so I made these mini cupcakes covered in butter icing and smarties.



I haven’t done any baking for a while and when I went to make these little cakes I realised that I had no caster sugar or self raising flour. I remembered that I could make caster sugar by grinding granulated sugar in a blender. I also remember hearing you could use plain flour and baking powder as a substitute for self raising but I had no idea on the quantities. Fortunately google gave me the answer from Nigella Lawson’s site.

The other ingredient I was missing was vanilla essence. The cakes tasted ok without but the butter icing really needed it so in the end I did have to make a trip out and fortunately the shop at the end of the road had some vanilla. Phew!

Lots of people made cakes to sell and all together £460 was donated. Hurrah! :)

Mother’s Day Card

March 13th 2013

This years Mother’s Day card for my wonderful Mum. Made with gel stamps from paperchase, flower punch and lots of love. I stamped the lettering onto a yellow piece of card which I rounded using my corner punch. I was going to stick it onto the green card lined up straight but accidentally knocked it. It ended up at an angle and I decided it looked much nicer like that so I stuck it on tilted as you can see. An accidental design which I think turned out very pleasing. And my Mum liked it too.


New job card

March 13th 2013

My fab friend got an amazing new job recently. So I made this card to congratulate her. I used my new gel stamp set for the lettering, a flower punch and added one of my new fabric covered buttons from the button factory set I was given for Christmas. :)


Crafty organisation

March 7th 2013

It’s always good to keep your crafts organised. I recently bought this beautiful set of drawers from ebay. I thought I would be able to keep a lot of my paper and sewing things in it but it turns out there was only room for my paper craft. I didn’t realise I had so much of it!