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Games and Nail Art

April 28th 2013

One of my other hobbies is Nail Art. Although I haven’t actively done any for a while, I have a lot in the archive waiting to be blogged. My most recent was these designs I did for the launch of Wipeout 2048 on the Playstation Vita console. (This also ties in with my day job. Something else I make is Computer Games including working on Wipeout 2048). The designes are the logos for each of the teams in the game.

Wipeout 2048 Nail ArtWipeout 2048 Nail ArtWipeout 2048 Nail Art

New “Home is Where the Heart is” Card

April 28th 2013

A cute little card I made to give to my Sister when she moved house. On the theme of “Home is where the Heart is” I used Emma Bridgewater heart paper and cut out a simple house placed on top of it. I tiled the roof with hearts cut using a heart punch and used some silver alphabet stickers for the lettering.
Home is where the heart is. New Home Card

1st Anniversary Card

April 28th 2013

Another card made for a first anniversary. I was a bridesmaid at the wedding so I pressed some petals from my bouquet and saved them to use in this card.
pressed flowers anniversary card

One difficulty in doing this was sticking the very delicate petals to the card. I used double sided tape for this. It worked reasonably well as it can’t bee seen through the petals however I was very close to tearing them. I tend to use double sided tape for my cards because it is less messy than glue and you dont have to wait for it to dry. Also some glues I have used in the past loose their stickiness and parts of the card fall off. I’ve found double sided tape is a lot more reliable. Also you can buy 3 for £1 in most bargain or pound shops.

The background for this card is Emma Bridgewater paper and I used gel stamps for the lettering.

Holiday crafting

April 28th 2013

I want to make sure this blog is just about crafting and doesn’t end up with lots of posts about me and my life!
However I did have a wonderful holiday in Cornwall this Easter and managed to do some crafting while at the seaside…
Made By Sair at the SeasideMade By Sair at the Seaside

A simple logo made with some shell fragments.

And on a trip to the Eden Project on their refrigerator wall.
made by sair in magnets

Sweet Jelly Babies Birthday Card

April 28th 2013

I made this card recently for a 30th birthday. Although the sweets cannot be eaten as they are stuck to the card with strong glue. The card also had to be doubled up so that it would stand because those jelly babies are quite heavy little things.

Jelly Babies Birthday Card

“I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly!”

Simple Design Birthday Cards

April 13th 2013

For Girls: These simple cards were made with stamps with stamps for the lettering and some pretty Japanese washi paper. The hearts were cut with a heart shaped punch.

Pale yellow birthday card

Pretty hearts birthday card

Pink birthday card

For Boys (or girls): I made these simple cards for some guys (always more difficult to make for I find). I made them with stamping for the lettering and a simple corner cut out design.
The other one I made with my corner punch tool (for the rounded edges) and some transfer lettering.

Simple Maroon Card

Simple light blue card

Simple blue rounded edge card