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My First Munny

June 29th 2013

harajuku munny

This is my first customisation of  a Kid Robot Munny Vinyl Toy. I created it some time ago and have been busy editing the pictures of my step in creating it. My inspiration for the design came from the Japanese Harajuku Style. I first collected some inspiration for clothing and accessories from a couple of books I have on Japanese street fashion called Fruits by Shoichi Aoki. I also created an inspiration board which you can find on my pinterest.


Bright Stripe Nail Tips

June 25th 2013


A set of simple nail tips created with sharpies. Just a good clear polish then a manicure colour base. Colour the tips with your brightest sharpies and finish with a clear top coat. Quick and simple.

Father’s Day Card (shelves)

June 16th 2013

Here’s this years Father’s Day card.
Father's Day Card shelves
Inspired by shelving, I used some wooden lolly sticks as shelves. I then stamped out the letters and cut them out individually. I used a metallic sharpie to outline them so they stood out against the background and also look a bit like picture frames on the shelves.

Raspberry Pavlova Cupcakes

June 16th 2013

These cupcakes are my first cupcake recipe invention.
Raspberry Pavlova Cupcakes
I was experimenting with a mixture of butter and milk icing and wanted to make it a little pink. I was about to go for the red food colouring when I noticed some raspberries sitting on the work top. So I thought I’d see how they would taste chopped up in the icing. Turns out they tasted lovely and very sweet. So I had some natural pink raspberry flavoured icing and then remembered there were some meringues in the cupboard. So I mixed them in and ended up with these Raspberry Pavlova Cupcakes. For a finishing touch I added a bit of chopped raspberry and meringue on top. They went down really well and are definitely ones for those with a sweet tooth. For a bit more luxury you could also add fruit to the cake mix.

Batman Nail Art Challenge

June 15th 2013

I was challenged by a friend to create a set of Batman finger nails with heroes on one hand and villains on the other. Here’s the result.

Batman Nail Art created with Sharpies.

I created the designs with Sharpies. I wanted to have individual characters on each nail so I spent about as much time designing and researching characters for there nails as I did actually painting them.

So there are the heros on the left and villains on the right. Can you name them all?