Red nose day cakes - Made by Sair

Red nose day cakes

March 15th 2013

It’s red nose day/comic relief. We are having a cake sale at work so I made these mini cupcakes covered in butter icing and smarties.



I haven’t done any baking for a while and when I went to make these little cakes I realised that I had no caster sugar or self raising flour. I remembered that I could make caster sugar by grinding granulated sugar in a blender. I also remember hearing you could use plain flour and baking powder as a substitute for self raising but I had no idea on the quantities. Fortunately google gave me the answer from Nigella Lawson’s site.

The other ingredient I was missing was vanilla essence. The cakes tasted ok without but the butter icing really needed it so in the end I did have to make a trip out and fortunately the shop at the end of the road had some vanilla. Phew!

Lots of people made cakes to sell and all together £460 was donated. Hurrah! :)