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Bubble Bobble New Baby Card

January 31st 2015


My friend and I spent many happy childhood hours adventuring through the cave of monsters in the game Bubble Bobble. She recently became a mummy and I couldn’t resist modifying the old intro screen of Bubble Bobble into this new parent card. :)

Space Invaders Sharpie Nail Art

January 25th 2015


These Space Invaders inspired nails were really simple to do with Sharpie pens. I started with a regular french manicure then copied the pixel squares one at a time with a Sharpie pen. I finished with a good quality clear varnish.  I find sometimes the Sharpie ink can run if you spread the top coat too thin so I try to gloop it on thickly.  It just takes a little longer to dry.

Batman Nail Art Challenge

June 15th 2013

I was challenged by a friend to create a set of Batman finger nails with heroes on one hand and villains on the other. Here’s the result.

Batman Nail Art created with Sharpies.

I created the designs with Sharpies. I wanted to have individual characters on each nail so I spent about as much time designing and researching characters for there nails as I did actually painting them.

So there are the heros on the left and villains on the right. Can you name them all?


Games and Nail Art

April 28th 2013

One of my other hobbies is Nail Art. Although I haven’t actively done any for a while, I have a lot in the archive waiting to be blogged. My most recent was these designs I did for the launch of Wipeout 2048 on the Playstation Vita console. (This also ties in with my day job. Something else I make is Computer Games including working on Wipeout 2048). The designes are the logos for each of the teams in the game.

Wipeout 2048 Nail ArtWipeout 2048 Nail ArtWipeout 2048 Nail Art