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Baby Shower Favours. Ready to Pop

March 28th 2015

Here’s a quick and easy idea for thank you favors to give to guests at a baby shower.  This was for a surprise shower that was also on mum to be’s birthday. The theme was red and blue.image


Custom Made Stamps: Owls and a Candle

February 8th 2015

This was my first attempt at carving my own stamps using the Undefined stamp carving kit by Stampin’ Up. It was a very welcome gift and a fab addition to my stamping equipment.

Custom Made Owl Stamps

This is what the kit contains in the box and my first creations. A pair of owls and a candle. The kit has some designs to attempt so for my first stamp I used one of those which is the speech bubble pictured.
Custom Made Owl Stamps And Kit
It is a really simple process. On some paper draw around the included wooden backings to get the bounds for your stamp design. Then with a pencil draw your design within those bounds. To transfer your design onto the foam you can then place the paper onto the foam and rub on the pencil. Then using the tools carve out the rubber where there is no pencil. I found it was good to start with the fine v shaped tool to go round the edge of the design then scoop out the large parts with the u shaped tool. Before sticking the foam to the wooden backing I stamped the wood with the design. The foam has a sticky backing so can then be simply cut out and mounted to the wood. And that’s it. A custom made stamp ready to go.

As the kit was a gift I then used my stamps to create a thank you card. Woot! Since making the stamps I’ve found that the candle design has been really useful for making simple birthday cards.
Custom Owl Stamps Card

Framed Origami Butterflies

February 7th 2015


I made these framed origami butterflies for a friend’s birthday. It features two origami designs from Michael Lafosse’s Origami Butterflies. It’s a lovely book with simple to follow instructions. I stuck the butterflies to some patterned card with sticky foam squares so they sat firmly against the card. I used doubled up squares behind the wings to support them and to prevent the butterflies from tilting backwards. I finally mounted the card into a deep box frame.

I made quite a few butterflies with various patterned paper and chose the best ones to go in the frame. Since I had some left I used one to make this simple birthday card.

Snowman Afternoon Tea Party

January 30th 2015

It’s the first good snow of 2015 and while we’ve been in our new home. So I couldn’t resist doing this…

Snowman Afternnon Tea Party
…a snowman and snowlady enjoying a spiffing afternoon tea party.

Calligraphy Labels

January 12th 2015

I have a bit of an addiction to Kilner jars for storing things in my kitchen. SO instead of adding sticky labels to the jars I’ve made these hand written labels. They were done with another wonderful Christmas gift that I received. Manuscript Calligraphy Pens

So I expect they’ll be a lot of crafting this year that will incorporate learning a new skill. I have already made a start pinning some tutorials: Calligraphy on Pinterest

Hand written calligraphy labels

New Year New Stamp

January 3rd 2015

Happy New Year.

It’s been quite a busy 2014 but I have been keeping up the crafting I just haven’t had the time to sit and blog. Mostly due to being busy in my new home which needs a lot of work so the DIY has taken over. But I’ve been collecting all my pics and should have a whole host of things to blog soon.

But to start the year with a smile my lovely husband gave me this custsom made stamp for Christmas and it’s first use was on this card to say thank you. So now I can stamp all my creations with my MadeBySair.co.uk logo. :)

Custom Made By Sair Stamp and Thank you card

Discovery – Good Shop For Crating Supplies

August 4th 2013

Last weekend I went to The Range for the first time. I thought it was just for home furnishings and accessories but discovered it’s also an amazing place to buy craft supplies at really great prices.

Stamps and Washi Tape

I bought this set of little stamps and washi tape. This whole lot came to approximately £5. Fantastic. :)

My First Munny

June 29th 2013

harajuku munny

This is my first customisation of  a Kid Robot Munny Vinyl Toy. I created it some time ago and have been busy editing the pictures of my step in creating it. My inspiration for the design came from the Japanese Harajuku Style. I first collected some inspiration for clothing and accessories from a couple of books I have on Japanese street fashion called Fruits by Shoichi Aoki. I also created an inspiration board which you can find on my pinterest.


Holiday crafting

April 28th 2013

I want to make sure this blog is just about crafting and doesn’t end up with lots of posts about me and my life!
However I did have a wonderful holiday in Cornwall this Easter and managed to do some crafting while at the seaside…
Made By Sair at the SeasideMade By Sair at the Seaside

A simple logo made with some shell fragments.

And on a trip to the Eden Project on their refrigerator wall.
made by sair in magnets

Crafty organisation

March 7th 2013

It’s always good to keep your crafts organised. I recently bought this beautiful set of drawers from ebay. I thought I would be able to keep a lot of my paper and sewing things in it but it turns out there was only room for my paper craft. I didn’t realise I had so much of it!