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♦ My birthday ♦

February 23rd 2013

It was my birthday this month and my family know me well. I got a good stock of crafting gifts. Some new gel stamps, a card puncher in the shape of a flower and a button factory which I’m very excited to make use of in my crafts. Also I got a ‘Raffy’ vinyl toy. These are fun do-It-yourself toys by kid robot. The sharpie pens are great for decorating them and theres a whole community out there doing it.


This is the second one I have been given. My first on is in the design phase and I’ll post about it when I’m done. But I have an inspiration board on my pinterest.   (munny inspiration board)

My first stamps

January 26th 2013



I have collected quite a few stamp sets now. This was my first set given to me as a Christmas pressie from my husband (fiancee at the time). They are fab for crafting, especially card making.

My burdastyle profile

January 26th 2013

Here’s my burdastyle projects page.
Sair on Burdastyle
Burdastyle is a great community of sewers and has lots of projects, tips and patterns to download and browse through.

Nearly There

December 26th 2012

My site is in development and starting to take shape. Not long now.

New Page

December 6th 2012

Hello this site isn’t ready yet but come back soon.