My First Sharpie Nail Art - Made by Sair

My First Sharpie Nail Art

May 11th 2013

Sharpie Nail Art. Little Hearts. Sharpie Nail Art. Cute little blue and pink hearts.

I used to paint my nails a lot using very fine paint brushes and nail polish. (I will hopefully post some of those designs soon) However I recently discovered that you can draw on your fingernails with Sharpies. Fantastic. So this is my first attempt.

The simple way to do it is apply a base coat of varnish (I just used clear), then draw on the design with a sharpie pen and finally do a top coat of clear. One thing I quickly discovered after doing a tester nail is that you need good quality clear varnish. Your design will only last as long as your base and top coat. I used a clear polish from a french manicure set. Also and you need to make sure each layer, including the pen ink, dries before doing the next to avoid smudging. One top tip I discovered from this site (YouPutItOn) was to use hairspray after the sharpie layer to stop it from smudging. It worked really well but again you need to wait for it to dry before applying the final top coat.

I think in terms of getting intricate designs sharpie nail art is great, but the time you save there is possibly lost waiting for each layer to dry. I find when using nail varnish you can actually apply a new layer before the previous one is completely dry. Also getting sharpie off your skin when you make a mistake is a little more tricky then removing varnish but it does come off with a good rub of nail varnish remover.

Anyway I’ll definitely be doing this again. Sharpie nail art ♥