My First Munny - Made by Sair

My First Munny

June 29th 2013

harajuku munny

This is my first customisation of  a Kid Robot Munny Vinyl Toy. I created it some time ago and have been busy editing the pictures of my step in creating it. My inspiration for the design came from the Japanese Harajuku Style. I first collected some inspiration for clothing and accessories from a couple of books I have on Japanese street fashion called Fruits by Shoichi Aoki. I also created an inspiration board which you can find on my pinterest.

There is a large community of people customising vinyl toys and they come in many varieties but the Munny seems to be the most popular. I decided to decorate with Sharpie Markers as recommended by a few other Munny enthusiasts. This was the first time I had bought any and I have since used them for many crafty things. The other popular option is to use acrylic paints but for my first attempt I thought it safer to trust my skills with a pen over a paint brush.
The Munny’s head, arms, body and accessory come appart for decorating. So I started on the accessory. They vary in each box and I got this trident. So I figured best to test my skills on the optional part. I decided to go for bright colours inspired by the brighter Japanese fashions.
Munny and Trident Accessory
For the rest of the design I spent a while sketching and colouring my design on paper first. Templates for some vinyl toys can be found here. For the arms and main body I copied a strawberries fabric pattern from one of the tops I had seen and designed it as a kimono style top. I also added some bangles to each arm to stick with the over accessorised look of the Harajuku girls. I layered on the colours starting with the lighter skin colour. Then the bigger block red, followed by the smaller details and finished with a black outline for a cartoon type look as you can see here.
1ArmFrame copy

I continued like this for the body. I decided to match the bright colours of the trident with the legins and added a layered skirt and a large bow to the back. I later glued on two cute orange button to the back.
Harajuku Munny Body

The head was probably the most tricky. I smudges it quite a few times trying to hold it steady. Some people have mentioned sticking it onto a pen or something so you dont have to touch it while drawing on it. However I found mistakes were quite easily fixed with some varnish remover.
Harajuku Munny Head Step 1
Harajuku Munny Head Step 2

The skin colour was difficult to get right. I ended up buying Letraset Promarker Skin Tones Set. And adding a few layers of the vanilla marker to get this look. Again I started with the larger lighter colours before going onto the darker detailed areas.
Harajuku Munny Head Step 3

I wanted the eyes to be like large Manga eyes and I had many attempts at drawing them on paper first. I tried out different colours and looks before settling on the ones here.
So that is essentially the complete process. I hope you like my first attempt at a Munny.I have been given a Raffy as my next project. And have started collecting inspiration. If you have any comments or questions my contact details are on the ABOUT page.
Sair x