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Nail Art From the Archives

August 18th 2013

Nail art has been a hobby of mine for a very long time I started doing painting designs on my nails as a teenager. I’ve dug out some of the earliest pictures I have from an old hard drive just when digital cameras were more widely available to the masses so the picture quality is quite poor. I think the earliest I have is from 2004 but I was painting designs from the late 90s. I may attempt to recreate some of these now that Nail Art has become much more popular and now that digital photography has greatly advanced. These were also mostly done before nail art pens were available and so most were done with paint brushes or cocktail sticks!


Archive Nail Art Gallery 1 Stripes, Checks, Flowers and Animal Prints.


Archive Nail Art Gallery 2 Cracks, Checks, Greek Key Style, Japanese Flowers & Bamboo


Nail Art Gallery 3 Blue Star, Zebra Tips, Big Yellow Start, Flowers, White Tree.


Nail Art Gallery 4 Spectrum, Circles, Graffiti, Swirls, Japanese Doll


Also here are some which are definitely from the 1990s. When I started painting my nails I used to always paint a fake nail as a keep sake as I didn’t have a good camera. I had them in little plastic pouches. Here’s a photo I took of them at a later dat. It’s quite a mixed bag. Some patterns have airbrushed backgrounds a few with jewel, sticker and water decal embellishments. All were done with varnish thin paint brushes and cocktail sticks.

Archive 1990s Nail Art Gallery. Random Fake Nail Samples. Airbrushed Backgrounds with Black Patterns, Silver Swirls, Purple Stripes, Palm Tree Island, Silver & Red Zigzag, Black ^ White Spots, Halloween Nails, GB Flag, Blue Stripes & Circles, Lightening with Jewel, Sunburst, Silver Roses, Black & White Checks.

A Beautifully Random Cake

March 23rd 2013

I made this cake for my parent’s birthdays (they are within a week of each other). Its decorated with mascarpone icing. I had some edible glitter, blackberries, raspberries and mini marshmallows for decoration. My 5 year old nephew wanted to help so I gave him the decorations to put on the cake and this is the result. I think it turned out beautifully and his grandparents loved it. :)

Random birthday cake

Random birthday cake

Its a three layered cake with raspberry and blackberry jam between the layers. The recipe  came from one of the free magazines you can pick up from supermarkets although I forget which one. They usually have lovely baking ideas in them.

Simple wedding cards

March 23rd 2013

I’ve been to lots of weddings over the last few years so lots of cards to make. Here are s a few of simple designs I made with my stamps and heart punches.

An acceptance card for a wedding.


These cards were for the happy couple on their big day.


 And finally a card I sent for my friends 1st anniversary. A string of hearts.


Simple birthday card

February 3rd 2013

A simple card design made with some left over wrapping paper and transfers for the lettering.


Engagement card

February 2nd 2013

This card was made to give to my friends when they got engaged last year. The background paper a gift from Japan that I was given by my sister after she returned from a trip there. The hearts were cut using a heart shaped punch. The text is a sticker from a set bought at hobby craft.


Mother’s day card

January 26th 2013


A mother’s day card made from scraps of wrapping paper and using gel stamps from paperchase for the lettering.

Pin cushion

January 26th 2013

This is a little pin cushion I made for my sister’s birthday in 2011. It was made from a scrap of flower print fabric I had. It was a small square of fabric which I sewed around the edges to gather it together at the bottom then filled tightly with stuffing. I then added a patch at the bottom and over stitched for a neat finish. I then added some little embellishments that can be seen in the picture.


I always like to keep scraps of fabric rather than throwing them away as they are great for little things like this or for small embellishments. They could also be used for fabric buttons. I also keep ribbons, buttons and other little charms etc.

A birthday card for my big sister

January 26th 2013

Here is my first post with something I have made. A card for my sister’s birthday in 2011. The gift is from a birthday transfer sheet and the Sister text from a set of family stickers from hobby craft.