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Discovery – Good Shop For Crating Supplies

August 4th 2013

Last weekend I went to The Range for the first time. I thought it was just for home furnishings and accessories but discovered it’s also an amazing place to buy craft supplies at really great prices.

Stamps and Washi Tape

I bought this set of little stamps and washi tape. This whole lot came to approximately £5. Fantastic. :)

Crinkly scissors card

March 17th 2013


I discovered a new craft store near where I work and they sell loads of these scissors with different pattern blades! I couldn’t resist buying myself a pair. I also had an excuse to use them straight away on this card for my sister in law’s birthday.

Crafty organisation

March 7th 2013

It’s always good to keep your crafts organised. I recently bought this beautiful set of drawers from ebay. I thought I would be able to keep a lot of my paper and sewing things in it but it turns out there was only room for my paper craft. I didn’t realise I had so much of it!


♦ My birthday ♦

February 23rd 2013

It was my birthday this month and my family know me well. I got a good stock of crafting gifts. Some new gel stamps, a card puncher in the shape of a flower and a button factory which I’m very excited to make use of in my crafts. Also I got a ‘Raffy’ vinyl toy. These are fun do-It-yourself toys by kid robot. The sharpie pens are great for decorating them and theres a whole community out there doing it.


This is the second one I have been given. My first on is in the design phase and I’ll post about it when I’m done. But I have an inspiration board on my pinterest.   (munny inspiration board)