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Daisy Daisy Sharpie Nails

May 26th 2013

It’s a sunny bank holiday so I felt inspired to do some happy nails covered in daises.
Daisy Daisy Sharpie Nails

This time I used a matt white polish as the base. This was a lot easier to draw onto and the Sharpie ink dried faster on it too. For the black petals I used an ultra fine tip black Sharpie. The centers were done with a dot using a fine tip Sharpies. I then used a good quality clear varnish over the top to finish and add the shine back.

Oh and just for fun, here’s me in a hat showing off my nails. Experimenting with some photo editing software :)
Me in a hat with sharpie nail art nails

Children’s Birthday Cards

May 11th 2013

Children's 2nd birthday card with giraffe

Children's 3rd birthday card

A couple of children’s birthday cards that I made recently. Both using paper from a set called ‘animal antics’. I used gel stamps for the lettering on the giraffe cars and a flower punch to embellish it a little.
For the 3rd birthday card I cut out the 3 with a scalpel and raise/emboss it.
Card making paper

1st Anniversary Card

April 28th 2013

Another card made for a first anniversary. I was a bridesmaid at the wedding so I pressed some petals from my bouquet and saved them to use in this card.
pressed flowers anniversary card

One difficulty in doing this was sticking the very delicate petals to the card. I used double sided tape for this. It worked reasonably well as it can’t bee seen through the petals however I was very close to tearing them. I tend to use double sided tape for my cards because it is less messy than glue and you dont have to wait for it to dry. Also some glues I have used in the past loose their stickiness and parts of the card fall off. I’ve found double sided tape is a lot more reliable. Also you can buy 3 for £1 in most bargain or pound shops.

The background for this card is Emma Bridgewater paper and I used gel stamps for the lettering.