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Discovery – Good Shop For Crating Supplies

August 4th 2013

Last weekend I went to The Range for the first time. I thought it was just for home furnishings and accessories but discovered it’s also an amazing place to buy craft supplies at really great prices.

Stamps and Washi Tape

I bought this set of little stamps and washi tape. This whole lot came to approximately £5. Fantastic. :)

Woven Paper Birthday Cards

July 13th 2013

I had lots of birthday cards to make in July and I was inspired by my sister-in-law’s profession in fabric and weaving to create this set of woven paper cards.

Woven Paper Birthday Card

Green Woven Paper Birthday Card

Geometric Woven Paper Birthday Card

Simple Woven Paper Birthday Card

The most tricky thing was keeping the paper together whilst weaving it. In the end the best thing seemed to be to stick one end to a strip of card and then once secured onto the backing trim the edges. It did get a bit messy with the glue in some places. As usual the lettering was done with one of my stamp sets.
For the blocks I found a weave pattern via pinterest but here’s the original site Weave Pattern from Not Only Quilts

My burdastyle profile

January 26th 2013

Here’s my burdastyle projects page.
Sair on Burdastyle
Burdastyle is a great community of sewers and has lots of projects, tips and patterns to download and browse through.