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Candle stamp cards and simple 1st birthday cards

February 20th 2015

Here’s a collection of cards I created using my custom made candle stamp. I’ve found that it’s a really useful stamp to have as it can be used to quickly create simple birthday card designs. Also it I think it works really well with coloured stars made with a star shaped punch.

Candle And Stars Birthday Cards

Children’s Birthday Cards

May 11th 2013

Children's 2nd birthday card with giraffe

Children's 3rd birthday card

A couple of children’s birthday cards that I made recently. Both using paper from a set called ‘animal antics’. I used gel stamps for the lettering on the giraffe cars and a flower punch to embellish it a little.
For the 3rd birthday card I cut out the 3 with a scalpel and raise/emboss it.
Card making paper

New “Home is Where the Heart is” Card

April 28th 2013

A cute little card I made to give to my Sister when she moved house. On the theme of “Home is where the Heart is” I used Emma Bridgewater heart paper and cut out a simple house placed on top of it. I tiled the roof with hearts cut using a heart punch and used some silver alphabet stickers for the lettering.
Home is where the heart is. New Home Card

Simple Design Birthday Cards

April 13th 2013

For Girls: These simple cards were made with stamps with stamps for the lettering and some pretty Japanese washi paper. The hearts were cut with a heart shaped punch.

Pale yellow birthday card

Pretty hearts birthday card

Pink birthday card

For Boys (or girls): I made these simple cards for some guys (always more difficult to make for I find). I made them with stamping for the lettering and a simple corner cut out design.
The other one I made with my corner punch tool (for the rounded edges) and some transfer lettering.

Simple Maroon Card

Simple light blue card

Simple blue rounded edge card

Simple wedding cards

March 23rd 2013

I’ve been to lots of weddings over the last few years so lots of cards to make. Here are s a few of simple designs I made with my stamps and heart punches.

An acceptance card for a wedding.


These cards were for the happy couple on their big day.


 And finally a card I sent for my friends 1st anniversary. A string of hearts.


Mother’s Day Card

March 13th 2013

This years Mother’s Day card for my wonderful Mum. Made with gel stamps from paperchase, flower punch and lots of love. I stamped the lettering onto a yellow piece of card which I rounded using my corner punch. I was going to stick it onto the green card lined up straight but accidentally knocked it. It ended up at an angle and I decided it looked much nicer like that so I stuck it on tilted as you can see. An accidental design which I think turned out very pleasing. And my Mum liked it too.


New job card

March 13th 2013

My fab friend got an amazing new job recently. So I made this card to congratulate her. I used my new gel stamp set for the lettering, a flower punch and added one of my new fabric covered buttons from the button factory set I was given for Christmas. :)


♦ My birthday ♦

February 23rd 2013

It was my birthday this month and my family know me well. I got a good stock of crafting gifts. Some new gel stamps, a card puncher in the shape of a flower and a button factory which I’m very excited to make use of in my crafts. Also I got a ‘Raffy’ vinyl toy. These are fun do-It-yourself toys by kid robot. The sharpie pens are great for decorating them and theres a whole community out there doing it.


This is the second one I have been given. My first on is in the design phase and I’ll post about it when I’m done. But I have an inspiration board on my pinterest.   (munny inspiration board)

Engagement card

February 2nd 2013

This card was made to give to my friends when they got engaged last year. The background paper a gift from Japan that I was given by my sister after she returned from a trip there. The hearts were cut using a heart shaped punch. The text is a sticker from a set bought at hobby craft.