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Ladybird Birthday Card

March 8th 2015

A birthday card design for children that love pretty bugs and insects. Created with Sharipes.

Ladybird Birthday Card

New Baby Soft Toy Robot and Robot Card

March 7th 2015

I made this little soft toy robot for a friend’s first baby and I was inspired to make the card to match. I’ve added some images showing how to make the toy robot below.

Robot New Baby Card And Soft Toy Robot

The robot was simply made of 6 sewn cubes. For each cube stitch together 6 squares on the reverse leaving one side open for stuffing. Turn right side out and stuff. Close the open seam with a hidden stitch.

Make 4 small cubes for the arms and legs one large cube for the head and a medium cube (slightly smaller than the head) for the body. Attach the arms legs and head to the body. First securely sew the body to the head. For the arms attached them along one edge so they can move but for the legs attach along the 4 top edges so they remained in place.

Finally embroider on a cute face and some buttons.

Click on the images for a larger view.
Soft Toy Robot Making Step 1

Soft Toy Robot Making Step 2

Soft Toy Robot Making Step 3

Space Invaders Sharpie Nail Art

January 25th 2015


These Space Invaders inspired nails were really simple to do with Sharpie pens. I started with a regular french manicure then copied the pixel squares one at a time with a Sharpie pen. I finished with a good quality clear varnish.  I find sometimes the Sharpie ink can run if you spread the top coat too thin so I try to gloop it on thickly.  It just takes a little longer to dry.

Mother’s Day Card 2014: Shapes, Stamps & Sharpies

March 30th 2014

Here’s this years Mother’s Day card.
Mother's Day Card 2014 (Shapes, Sharpies and Stamps)
Inspired by simple labels, I created this by just cutting out a pretty shape on some flowery card stock. Stamping the letters onto some ruled card and accenting with a couple of sharpies.

Also this year I sent a card to my sister for her first Mother’s Day.
1st Mothers Day Card
I took a similar simple approach and created a rosette type of design. I created some relief by attaching the shape with sticky pads and added a cute little wooden peg.

Graffiti Brick Wall Sharpie Nail Art

August 4th 2013

Graffiti Brick Wall Sharpie Nail Art I tried out a new terracotta nail colour this week and was inspired to draw on a brick wall patter with Shapies. Then added a little graffiti (my SAIR tag) onto my thumb with a metallic Sharpie.

My First Munny

June 29th 2013

harajuku munny

This is my first customisation of  a Kid Robot Munny Vinyl Toy. I created it some time ago and have been busy editing the pictures of my step in creating it. My inspiration for the design came from the Japanese Harajuku Style. I first collected some inspiration for clothing and accessories from a couple of books I have on Japanese street fashion called Fruits by Shoichi Aoki. I also created an inspiration board which you can find on my pinterest.


Bright Stripe Nail Tips

June 25th 2013


A set of simple nail tips created with sharpies. Just a good clear polish then a manicure colour base. Colour the tips with your brightest sharpies and finish with a clear top coat. Quick and simple.

Father’s Day Card (shelves)

June 16th 2013

Here’s this years Father’s Day card.
Father's Day Card shelves
Inspired by shelving, I used some wooden lolly sticks as shelves. I then stamped out the letters and cut them out individually. I used a metallic sharpie to outline them so they stood out against the background and also look a bit like picture frames on the shelves.

Batman Nail Art Challenge

June 15th 2013

I was challenged by a friend to create a set of Batman finger nails with heroes on one hand and villains on the other. Here’s the result.

Batman Nail Art created with Sharpies.

I created the designs with Sharpies. I wanted to have individual characters on each nail so I spent about as much time designing and researching characters for there nails as I did actually painting them.

So there are the heros on the left and villains on the right. Can you name them all?


Daisy Daisy Sharpie Nails

May 26th 2013

It’s a sunny bank holiday so I felt inspired to do some happy nails covered in daises.
Daisy Daisy Sharpie Nails

This time I used a matt white polish as the base. This was a lot easier to draw onto and the Sharpie ink dried faster on it too. For the black petals I used an ultra fine tip black Sharpie. The centers were done with a dot using a fine tip Sharpies. I then used a good quality clear varnish over the top to finish and add the shine back.

Oh and just for fun, here’s me in a hat showing off my nails. Experimenting with some photo editing software :)
Me in a hat with sharpie nail art nails