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Hetty The Hippo

February 7th 2016

Hetty The Hippo A knitted toy hippo

This is “Hetty The Hippo” a knitted toy I made for a new baby based on the Amanda Berry pattern Higgins The Hippo. The only difference from the original pattern is that I added a bow and embroidered the eyes rather than using buttons as it was a gift for a baby girl. The bow was made from a long thin strip of knitting sewn into a loop with a smaller strip sewn around the middle.

My First Munny

June 29th 2013

harajuku munny

This is my first customisation of  a Kid Robot Munny Vinyl Toy. I created it some time ago and have been busy editing the pictures of my step in creating it. My inspiration for the design came from the Japanese Harajuku Style. I first collected some inspiration for clothing and accessories from a couple of books I have on Japanese street fashion called Fruits by Shoichi Aoki. I also created an inspiration board which you can find on my pinterest.


♦ My birthday ♦

February 23rd 2013

It was my birthday this month and my family know me well. I got a good stock of crafting gifts. Some new gel stamps, a card puncher in the shape of a flower and a button factory which I’m very excited to make use of in my crafts. Also I got a ‘Raffy’ vinyl toy. These are fun do-It-yourself toys by kid robot. The sharpie pens are great for decorating them and theres a whole community out there doing it.


This is the second one I have been given. My first on is in the design phase and I’ll post about it when I’m done. But I have an inspiration board on my pinterest.   (munny inspiration board)